Un Lobo

Fidel Sclavo



Children’s book

ISBN : 978-956-9254-79-6

Katherinne Urzúa Cueto  katherinne.urzua@caligrafix.cl

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

Once upon a time there was a wolf who was afraid of everything, even the rustling of branches. Will he get out of that fear that doesn’t even let him sleep?

The outstanding Uruguayan visual artist and writer Fidel Sclavo creates with this album a unique story inspired by the characters of Little Red Riding Hood.

Readers 8+

Fidel Sclavo was born in Tacuarembó, Uruguay, in 1960. He is a visual artist, illustrator and writer. He studied drawing, painting, engraving, architecture and Communication Sciences in Montevideo, Paris and New York.

Throughout his outstanding career as a plastic artist, he has exhibited his works in Uruguay, Spain, United States and Argentina, among other countries, receiving various recognitions.

He has written and illustrated children’s books in which, with exquisite subtlety, he transforms stories from everyday life into poetry, light and movement.

In 2013, he won the Bartolomé Hidalgo Prize awarded by the Uruguayan Book Chamber in the Album Book category, for ‘Los amigos imaginarios’. Nowadays, he lives and works in Buenos Aires. This is the first time he is published in Chile.

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