Ceci - Uma história para ouvir

Fernando Mello (text) & Lais Dias (illustration)



Children’s book

ISBN : 978-85-9554-084-2

Book written in Portuguese
World rights available

Have you ever noticed the wonderful world of sounds that surround us? Have you ever stopped to think about the landscape in your daily life?
Get ready to embark on this journey with Ceci and experience the world in a different way – much more surprising than you might imagine.

Since he was a child, Fernando Mello has been in love with sounds. His curiosity about everything he heard led him to start playing the piano by himself, at the age of eight. He grew up, became a professional musician, and graduated in Image & Sound. Today, he is a university professor, he works with music and digital medias, and he loves enjoying the universe of children’s stories with his two children!

Lais Dias grew up in São Paulo, a big city. She has been drawing since she can remember. She used to stay still drawing the characters of the books she read, drawing her dogs, her dolls, her cars. She never stopped observing the world and drawing it. She graduated as an architect, became a visual artist, and today she works as an art educator. She loves teaching art to children and to any adult who believes they are a child once in a while.

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