El músico y la bailarina

Ximena Bruno (text) & Claudia Prezioso (illustration)



Children’s book

ISBN : 978-956-9254-81-9

Katherinne Urzúa Cueto  katherinne.urzua@caligrafix.cl

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

The musician plays the sweetest melodies… The dancer, ecstatic by these sounds, decides to hide behind some pebbles and spy…

This book is a brief and delicate love story between tiny beings, where music is also the protagonist.

Readers 5+

Ximena Bruno was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1981. She is a teacher of Early Childhood and Primary Education. She took a postgraduate course on Learning Difficulties and other specialisation courses in the educational field.

She studied theatre for many years and participated in workshops on children’s and young people’s literature. She writes stories because she does not want to stop playing, imagining and telling.

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