Gonçalo Viana

Orfeu Negro


Children’s book

ISBN : 978-989-8868-64-0 

Book written in Portuguese
Rights sold to World English, World French, China, South Korea, Poland and Persian

Once upon a time there were two friends, an orange dog, a white tree and a green… cloud? Hold on! This book is wrong!

Troca-Tintas is a funny and visually poetic story about freedom and an upside-down journey through surrealist landscapes where rain falls from trees and clouds bear fruit. An eccentric book that invites us to paint the world in many tones and colours.

Readers 3 years +

Gonçalo Viana (Portugal) is an architect and illustrator, published worldwide. His work has been internationally awarded and selected for several exhibitions. Viana also collaborates with publications such as The New York Times and Variety.

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