O Protesto

Eduarda Lima

Orfeu Negro


Children’s book

ISBN : 9789898868424

Book written in Portuguese
Rights sold to Brazil, South Korea, Italy, France, Poland, UK, Germany, Catalonia, UK

Birds stopped singing. Cats did not meow. And cows refused to give milk. Animals seemed to have made a pact…

Eduarda Lima’s debut album is a story about the impact of humans on the planet. From little insects to big elephants and gorillas, animals silently scream together for a world of biodiversity and well-being. Beautifully illustrated, O Protesto delicately captures our imagination while encouraging critical thinking.

Readers 5 years +

Eduarda Lima (Portugal) is an illustrator and 2D animator. She studied architecture at the University College of London and Motion-Design at the London College of Communication. In 2019 she participated in the annual exhibition ILUSTRA 33.

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