Será que todo mundo tem?

Cristiane Boneto and Marco Hailer (text) & Cecilia Murgel (illustration)



Children’s book

ISBN : 978-85-9554-026-2

Book written in Portuguese
World rights available

Have you ever stopped thinking about how different people are? Does everyone smell, talk, hear or see things the same way? Discover, in this humorous book, the beauty of diversity. For everyone has their own way of existing, seeing the world and communicating.

Cristiane Boneto‘s favorite things to do are traveling, making art, sharing ideas, and meeting new places and people. She always had, and still have friends of all kinds, and this is what fascinates her the most! How boring it would be if we were all the same, don’t you think? We are unique and equally special!

Marco Hailer is pleased to tell us that, throughout his life, he has always done the things he most enjoys: reading, writing, making music, and being a teacher. Oh, and to make friends with everyone. Colorful people, tall or short, shy or naughty, fat people, thin people, quiet or noisy, with straight or curly hair. When he makes music or writes, this is his inspiration: people. After all, people are to shine, isn’t it?

Everybody is born somewhere, and Cecília Murgel was born in São Paulo, on a Tuesday in December, in a big white hospital. The doctor had crossed eyes and wore glasses. The nurse, who soon took her in her arms, wore a veil on her head and was called by the name of Sister Maria José. The first thing she realized when she arrived in the world is that people are different. She studied architecture, and for a long time she designed things that were built with brick and concrete. After years of drawing curves, she discovered that there are people who design houses, there are people who design roads, people who design ships, there are people who draw rockets, and there are people who don’t even like to draw. But what she really likes is to draw dreams! She likes to say that she is a designer; but as there are those who still think that there is a world of big people and another world of small people, for these people, she says she is an illustrator.

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