Aimé Césaire, le poète prophète

Kidi Bebey

Cauris livres


Illustrated biography

ISBN : 9789995260118

Nadine Besnard 

Book written in French
World rights available

Aimé Césaire was a great French poet. He has spent his life fighting for equality and justice between men. And he showed the world the greatness of the cultures of Africa and the West Indies.

LUCY COLLECTION : another way to learn African history. The collection displays men and women who belong to the most varied fields : politics, culture, art, sport, mythology. These people are Africans or Afro-descendants. Lucy collection is a series of illustrated books combining story and documentary. The collection also refers to documentary evidence to allow readers to place the treaty figure in his social, political, cultural, artistic context.

This book was selected by the White Ravens in 2014.

Author, editor and journalist, after several years of experience in print and radio, Kidi Bebey now devotes herself to writing and addresses, with equal pleasure, young and adult audiences.

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