Rêve d'oiseau

Shenaz Patel (text) & Emmanuelle Tchoukriel (illustration)

Atelier des nomades

Mauritius & France

Picture book

ISBN : 9782919300112 

Pauline Clément-Husbard

Book written in French
Text available in English
World rights available

On the way to school, Sara comes across a funny little house with a red roof. It is an aviary, full of colourful parakeets. She thinks about her grandfather, who loved watching birds fly free in his garden every day. Sara finds herself dreaming of an aviary with no fences and no roof…  

A story as free as a bird! 

Readers 4+

Shenaz Patel was born and lives in Mauritius. A journalist, playwrightnovelist, and translatorshe is also the author of comics and children’s books. As a committed author, she takes an active interest in popularizing History, especially that of slavery and deportationShe has received a lot of prizes for her workShe was appointed Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres in 2013. 

Emmanuelle Tchoukriel was born and lives in France. Passionate about nature, she undertakes visual communication studies before joining the École Estienne of Paris. Specialized in scientific drawingshe excels in illustrating the fauna and flora. She publishes the Inventaires illustrés at the children’s section of Albin Michel since 2009. 

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