Un Flamboyant Père Noël

Fabienne Jonca (text) & Iloë (illustration)

Atelier des nomades

Mauritius & France

Picture book

ISBN : 9782919300297 

Pauline Clément-Husbard

Book written in French
Text available in English
Rights available, except in central and western African French-speaking countries

In January, the most elegant Father Christmas decides to explore the world, in search of an outfit for the next holiday season. On board of his sleigh, he flies to Scotland, Japan, Côte d’Ivoire, and many more countries. During this round-the-world-trip, he tries on clothes, from the plainest to the most dazzling ones. 

What will he decide to wear this year? A Scottish kilt or an African boubou?  

Readers 3+

Fabienne Jonca was born in Catalonia and lives on Réunion island. She uses different writing styles for children and adults: books, documentaries, short films… She pursues projects and hosts writing workshops in different countries. She has often been rewarded for the quality of her writings. In 2020, Un Flamboyant père Noël received the Afrilivres Prize rewarding publication.

Iloë was born and lives in Mauritius. She is a designer, actress and illustrator. She draws for magazines and for publication with the Atelier des nomades publishing house since 2017. In 2020, Un Flamboyant père Noël was finalist of the Vanilla Prize for illustration and won the Afrilivres Prize for publication.

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