La Ravanne de Daniella

Amarnath Hosany (text) & Joëlle Betsey-Maestracci (illustration)

Atelier des nomades

Mauritius & France

Children’s fiction

ISBN : 9782919300259 

Pauline Clément-Husbard 

Book written in French
Text available in Mauritian creole
World rights available

Daniella will turn 12 soon. She learns that there will be a ravanne show in her village. Music overwhelms her and tug at her heartstrings. But how can she learn ravanne when all the boys around her think that this instrument is exclusively reserved for men? 
Thanks to her taste for music, Daniella will start a quest for more equality and freedom, and will become friend with an old musician… 

 Readers 8+

Amarnath Hosany was born and lives in Mauritius. As a screenwriter and author of numerous albums and novels for children, his publications often lead to thinking about social injustice and inequalityHis sensitive texts have often been selected and prizedIn 2019, Les Papillons de Risha published by Hong-Fei publishers was selected for the Unicef Prize for children’s literature 

Joëlle Betsey-Maestracci was born and lives in MauritiusHaving graduated in graphics art, she is a printer and the founder of the young artists collective Zourit in Mauritius. Joëlle Betsey-Maestracci explores different artistic stylesfrom graphic tablets to oil paint, acrylic and crayons.  

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