María Clara Reyes

Taller de Edición Rocca


Children’s book

ISBN: 978-958-49-0804-9

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

Horacio is an inflatable wrestling doll. Every time he plays with children, his response is a punch, like any other wrestler. One day, he realizes that he no longer wants to respond in that way and he invents a beautiful plan to surprise children with his new affective way of playing. This is a story full of emotion, tenderness and love.

María Clara Reyes is an industrial engineer, with a master’s degree in Social Anthropology, and she has been studying different tools for personal development for twenty years. Four years ago, she created the Sueños Foundation, where she offers courses, workshops and meetings to strengthen the bond between parents and children. Among the topics that strengthen this bond is the reading of stories and that is where María Clara began her journey as a writer of children’s stories.

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