Lilus Kikus

Elena Poniatowska

Recrea Libros


Youth novel

Printed ISBN: 978-956-9847-51-6
Digital ISBN: 978-956-9847-55

Alejandra Stevenson Valdés

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

This magnificent youth novel by Elena Poniatowska tells the story of the transition from childhood to adulthood of Lilus Kikus, a girl who keeps asking questions and searching for answers in everything around her. A novel that, despite the passage of time, has not lost its relevance about the place of a girl in our society and the struggles she must face on a daily basis, without losing her enthusiasm and joy of living. Recrea Libros republishes this magnificent story that will enchant children with its adventures, and adults for its wise childlike view of society.

Hélène Elizabeth Louise Amélie Paula Dolores Poniatowska Amor (born May 19, 1932), known professionally as Elena Poniatowska is a French-born Mexican journalist and author, specializing in works on social and political issues focused on those considered to be disenfranchised especially women and the poor. She was born in Paris to upper-class parents, including her mother whose family fled Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. She left France for Mexico when she was ten to escape the Second World War. When she was eighteen and without a university education, she began writing for the newspaper Excélsior, doing interviews and society columns. Despite the lack of opportunity for women from the 1950s to the 1970s, she wrote about social and political issues in newspapers, books in both fiction and nonfiction form. Her best known work is La noche de Tlatelolco (The night of Tlatelolco, the English translation was entitled “Massacre in Mexico”) about the repression of the 1968 student protests in Mexico City. Due to her leftwing views, she has been nicknamed “the Red Princess”. She is considered to be “Mexico’s grande dame of letters” and is still an active writer.

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