Ese Pollo

Betzie Jaramillo

Taller de Edición Rocca


Children’s book

ISBN: 978-958-5445-30-7

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

Ese Pollo tells the story of a chicken who takes advantage of the carelessness of the manager of the hatchery where he lives, and escapes to the countryside, where he goes through a series of vicissitudes in order to survive. With the help of a hen, he learns to enjoy nature and life in freedom.

Betzie Jaramillo is a journalist and screenwriter. She has worked as a consultant for television media in Bolivia, as a scriptwriter in Chile and as a director in Spain. She was the sub-editor of La Nación Domingo (LND), the Sunday edition of La Nación newspaper. She has lived in Spain for forty years.

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