O Reizinho que só falava sim

Editora Papagaio


Children’s book

ISBN : 978-85-88161-29-0

Denise Natale   

Book written in Portuguese
World rights available

This is the story of a boy who will one day be king. He likes to play, has many toys, but few friends. He plays with Lil’Fire, son of the dragon, with Magali, daughter of the magician, and plays with Eugene, son of the scientist of the kingdom. The three make a fool out of him.: if they don’t destroy toys, they borrow and never return them. All this because the little king can only say “yes”. That’s why he’s such a sad little king.

Until one day, at great cost, he learns to say the word “no”. But then he repeats “no” in any situation and for everyone, which ends up driving people away. It is exactly between “yes” and “no”, and with the help of a real friend, that the little king discovers the existence of other words. And his life begins to change.

is a renowned illustrator in Brazil, and his works feature in many children’s books and also in a daily column in one of the main Brazilian newspapers, Folha de São Paulo. O Reizinho que só falava sim is the first book he not only illustrates, but is also the author of the story.

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