Cuentos en Cuarentena

Romina Gatti

Ediciones Nocedal


Fairy tale

ISBN : 978-612-4195-35-8

Miriam Noceda

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

Cuentos en Cuarentena is a book that rethinks children’s classics, but linked to the pandemic. Upon entering quarantine, our company saw the need to entertain and beautify the world of the child, whose life abruptly changed without any warning or manual to cope with the difficult conditions of confinement. In June 2020 we published this book, which contains four fairy tales with changed endings that highlight contemporary values ​​such as independence, tolerance and empathy. The book begins with “The wolf’s diet is changed”: Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf, instead of eating the girl’s grandmother, spends his quarantine with her and learns about empathy, he even becomes a vegetarian! With “Cinderella doesn’t go to the ball” we find a Cinderella who, through the discovery of reading, understands that there is more to do than quarrel with her stepsisters, and takes interest in the science of psychology. She ends up with a psychology degree. “The Witch Wants to Be Good” talks about the quarantine between Snow White’s stepmother and the seven dwarves, and the witch’s discovery of her worth through friendship. Finally, in “Hansel and Gretel don’t want more dessert”, the little brothers realize about their unhealthy diet and discover healthy and nutritious eating.

It’s a book in verse and the rhymes make it more fun and humorous. The idea with our book is that children understand that there is always something good out of terrible circumstances, such as the pandemic and lockdown. Being ‘inside’, at home, is not necessarily a waste. Looking ‘inside’ of our heart can also make them grow as human beings. The characters in the book grow. Two villains were going to commit heinous crimes, but in quarantine they see better possibilities that they had not contemplated before. We all have the ability to search for them too.

Romina Gatti is a Peruvian writer, university teacher and play writer. She studied literature at PUCP university in Lima, Peru, and also holds an MCs in Hispanic Literature and an MsC in Drama. Her latest children´s book, ´Qinti y la capa de la luna” won a national contest and has been distributed by the Peruvian’s Ministry of education, to all public primary schools.

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