Maco en problemas

Patricia Casanueva (text) & Sofrenia (illustration)

Editorial Cafuné


Children’s book

ISBN : 9789569951015

Patricia Casanueva 

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

Maco is a polar bear with a big problem: climate change has deeply affected his home, the North Pole. This is a book that, along with marveling the first readers with the images of the protagonist and his habitat, will also make them wonder about what we humans are doing to take care of the planet.

Patricia Casanueva is a primary school teacher and has dedicated herself to the creation of children’s and youth literature. Among her works we can highlight: La pequeña Lucila, Charlitos CaracolLa noche en que las estrellas cayeron al marMaco en problemas and the adaptation to the comic of the novel Mujercitas.

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