O Passe e o Gol

Juca Kfouri (text) & Eduardo Albini (illustration)

Editora Papagaio


Children’s book

ISBN : 97885-88161-14-6

Denise Natale   

Book written in Portuguese
World rights available

O Passe e o Gol is the story of the twins Joãozinho and Marinho, who get along very well, except when it comes to football. Joãozinho plays as a forward, and makes a lot of goals, while his brother plays in midfield and has the role of creating the plays. The problem of Joãzinho is that, everytime he makes a goal, he belittles his brother, boasting of his own ability. Their parents always try to show that this behavior is not correct, but he continues to humiliate his brother.

The conflict undergoes radical changes when the two are called upon to play on the school team, in the fictional town called Corinthians, name of the second most popular team in Brazil. In the championship final between the Black and White Football Club and the Masked Football Club, surprises change the relationship between the brothers. They show how important the group union is, besides introducing such a present issue in the infant everyday: to know how to win and how to lose.

With football, the central theme of  O Passe e o Gol, are discussed the relationship between brothers, a common rivalry among them, and the value of group action, where they help each other in pursuit of a common goal, the victory. Who is the best? He who passes the ball or the one that makes the goal? The story by Juca Kfouri proposes a reflection on the importance that each person plays in their social group, society, and the need to count on individual skills and capabilities so that the collective project is successful.

The first children’s book by Juca Kfouri, the most important sports journalist of Brazil – Folha de São Paulo columnist, commentator for the largest radio network in the country, CBN, host of the ESPN Brazil, and responsible for the most visited sports blog from Brazil – has exactly the theme that he likes the most, writes and discusses everyday: football. 

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