Conto em casa

Rosane Nunes (coordination) & Chica Batella (illustration) & numerous writers

Editora Raiz


Children’s collection

ISBN : 978-65-88360-06-4

Rosane N. Pessanha 


Book written in Portuguese
World rights available

“Conto em casa” is a children’s collection that gently addresses new and often distressing feelings experienced by little ones isolated at home: does the superhero now also need a thing that covers smiles? And does the dog need a mask? Can we hold hands? And kiss? Doll needs hand sanitizer? Can we blow grazed knee and birthday candle? Oh, I miss my grandfather! Love, protection, courage, freedom, space, simplicity and humor. Time, melancholy, fear, loneliness, emptiness, sadness and death. Illustrated by Chica Batella, these are the themes addressed by this book which brings up the children’s universe enclosed in confined spaces, inside and outside the soul.

Readers 4-10 years old.

Rosane Nunes is a publisher. She founded Editora Raiz in 2017, with the purpose of offering editorial solutions to independent authors. Today, she provides editing services, manuscript advice, consulting, project creation and book publishing. Her main focus is the text in order to encourage knowledge and reading. In 2020, she mobilized a group of 15 authors in Brazil and Portugal to create the literary project “Conto em casa”, aimed at children who are experiencing the time of the pandemic and are facing the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

Chica Batella is Carioca (a person from Rio de Janeiro), but despite being born in Rio de Janeiro, she always had a deep connection with Itaparica, where she lived her first years of life. She graduated in Painting, from EBA – Escola de Belas Artes at UFRJ. She has participated in collective and individual exhibitions, created the CD cover for the Abayomy Afrobeat Orchestra, as well as singles from other bands. She also ilustrated the book Ubaldo”by the writer Juva Batella, and more recently the children’s collection “Conto em casa”.

The authors: Andréa Apa, Andréa Gaspar, calí boreaz, Edhen, Gustavo da Rocha Lima, Jonatan Magella, Juliana Borel, Juva Batella, Lucas Brito Cortez, Marcela Sperandio, Margarida Azevedo, Mauricio Vieira, Mikha, Pepita Sampaio e Tatiana Kauss.

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