2 Gatos

Evelyn Heine (text) & Rodrigo Terra (illustration)

Editora Papagaio


Children’s book

ISBN : 978-85-88161-30-6 

Denise Natale   

Book written in Portuguese
World rights available

This book is about two cats. One is a pet cat and lives surrounded by comfort and care. The other is a stray cat, who is his own man, I mean, cat. Each one lives alone, with their habits and customs. This modern fable tells the story of two cats with totally opposite lives. But can they be good friends? 

The theme is more than opportune when society discusses the acceptance of the other with their differences, be them gender or race. And to bring these issues closer to the children’s universe, the author Evelyn Heine uses the rhymed and humorous verses, counting also with the reinforcement of the colorful and original lines of Rodrigo Terra. 

Thus, in a smooth and subtle way, a current and extremely relevant subject ends up becoming close to children through the story of two very different cats. 

Evelyn Heine is a journalist and children’s book writer from São Paulo, Brazil, and also the founder of a famous Brazilian children website called Divertudo 

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