O menino que grande queria ser pequeno

Bibiana Malgarim (text) & Pacha Urbano (illustration)

Editora Raiz


Children’s book

ISBN : 978-65-88360-08-8 

Rosane N. Pessanha


Book written in Portuguese
World rights available

O menino que grande queria ser pequeno is a story about the desire and the reluctance to grow that every child has; about the doubts and uncertainties that arise. What it is like to be big? Am I, after all, big or small? Why am I so big and still look so small? I know! I am grown up. Yes, every day we grow a little. We are more grown today than yesterday – and less than tomorrow. So, if I already know how to walk with my own legs, why do I need a lap? Being small is like this: born with the desire to be big. Being big is like this: having to make choices. And to think that there are big people wanting to be small again, just for the sake of a very tight hug and playing – let’s agree – is wonderful, isn’t it?

Readers 4-7 years old.

Bibiana Malgarim is a psychologist and a psychoanalyst, specialised in children and adolescents. In her work, she listens to little one’s real stories, together with their families. Author of the blog “Conversa de Gente Miúda” and other technical books, she writes for the first time for children. When she was a little girl, wanted to be a doctor, writer and archaeologist. She became a little bit of everything when she chose to be a “doctor of games and words”, as it was once introduced by a kid.

Pacha Urbano is a illustrator, comic artist, screenwriter and writer. He is the author of the comic strip series Filho do Freud, which mixes humor and psychoanalysis. As a little boy, he wanted to do cartoons when he grew up, and succeeded. He currently draws and paints scenarios for the Brazilian animations “Irmão do Jorel” and “Tromba Trem”, at Copa Studio.

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