Le mal des mots

Gina Dick Boguifo 

Éditions Éburnie

Côte d’Ivoire

Children’s book

ISBN : 978-2-84770-333-13 

Book written in French & English
World rights available

This bilingual (French-English) book tells the story of Théo who has difficulties doing his homework, especially when it comes to reading. This book puts the finger on dyslexia, a learning disability characterised by difficulties in reading. It is dedicated to all the children of the world. Written with great empathy, it aims to enlighten, raise awareness and provide solutions to this little-known ailment and support the fight to help children cope.

A key figure in Ivorian children’s literature, Gina Dick Boguifo is the author of several works for young people. She has also written several books in other genres (short stories, novels). She is an English language teacher.

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