Mauricio Vieira (text) & Jonathas Martin (illustration)

Editora Raiz


Children’s book

ISBN : 978-65-88360-07-1 

Rosane N. Pessanha


Book written in Portuguese
World rights available

Floresta is a sensitive poem about the human nature that, in a harsh way, ends up crossing the children’s universe, and when there is a stone (in fact, several) in the middle of the path it is time to leave what weighs behind. The young reader is immersed into a mythical journey into nature; a flyby, during which intolerable feelings are presented, resistant to time, incomprehensible to a child’s eyes. How to make them understand an atrocious world? With kind words, by means of a poetic look, the author unveils a trajectory of deconstruction in search of the essential, because not everything is lost. There is a seed in this poem, which will mature, thus presenting the lightness and the most gentle way to cross the forest.

Readers 4-10 years old.

Mauricio Vieira is a gardener of words, he has lived in many places, but his home is poetry. The author of Arvoressências (Editora Cultura), Dream Gardening Manual (Editora Glaciar), A Hollow Tree (Imã Editorial) and La lyre africaine (theater), he was one of the members of the children’s collection Conto em casa (Editora Raiz), with the poem “A borboleta”. He participated in several literary meetings in Brazil, Portugal and France. Today he organizes the international cycle of readings “A descoberta do outro” and edits the magazine “Arvoressências”.

Jonathas Martins always loved doodling people, animals and landscapes. At home or at school, his passion for drawing has only grown over time, and came to flow into stories full of chatty characters. His first illustrated book took place in 2019, when the writer Andréa Apa invited him to participate as a co-author of the work Boi na linha (Editora Raiz). This book marked his debut in an adventure with paints, brushes and watercolors, and it only ignited in him the desire to dive deeper into the imagination of childhood narratives.

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