Nagnouman la mystérieuse

Oury Koné

Cauris livres


Traditional tale

ISBN : 978-99952-60-40-8

Nadine Besnard 

Book written in French
World rights available

In Herebougou, the village of happiness, lived a young girl of divine beauty called Nagnouman. She was for her village the sun that lights up, the food that keeps people alive. Strange, very weird! No one had ever seen her outside her hall. Neither in marriage or baptism ceremonies. Nor at the meetings under the palaver tree. And even less during other group meetings such as games sessions under the stars. In her hall, she was still there. Majestically installed in her seat like a queen on her throne.

Everyone wondered about the reasons for this discretion. Was she shy? Was she afraid of the evil eye?

Oury Koné, born in 1991 in Ségou, is passionate about children’s stories and books.

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