La légende de la reine de Saba

Françoise Kerisel

Cauris livres


Illustrated biography

ISBN : 978-99952-60-47-7 

Nadine Besnard 

Book written in French
World rights available

Long ago, the beautiful Queen Makeda ruled the kingdom of Sheba in eastern Africa. Tales and sacred texts speak of this legendary sovereign who gave birth to Menelik, the first king of Ethiopia. 

LUCY COLLECTION : another way to learn African history. The collection displays men and women who belong to the most varied fields : politics, culture, art, sport, mythology. These people are Africans or Afro-descendants. Lucy collection is a series of illustrated books combining story and documentary. The collection also refers to documentary evidence to allow readers to place the treaty figure in his social, political, cultural, artistic context.

Author of illustrated books, passionate about legends and philosophy, Françoise Kerisel embarked on studies of classical letters. In collaboration with very different illustrators, her texts have been published by Magnard Jeunesse, Didier jeunesse and Desclée de Brouwer.

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