Mis Dulces Cuentos

Enrique Gutiérrez Rodulfo

Quimérica Editorial 


Children’s collection

ISBN : 9786124788062

Macckeey Anthony Soto Aguirre quimericabooks@grupoeditorialquimerica.com

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

It is a selection of five stories, which combines imagination, creativity and reality, whose main characteristic is the fabulographic message, full of funny occurrences, which will leave its readers the need to reflect together with its endearing characters: An octopus that teaches good values to a bad fish, a dreamer mouse, a traveling fly and a lying centipede, with whom they lead to a world full of fantasy.

Enrique Gutiérrez Rodulfo is a teacher and a lawyer. He is a specialist in Educational Psychology, Doctor in Education, founder of the Tarma culture house and Partner of APLIJ and an awarded author of children’s stories and poems. 

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