Los Viajes de Pierre

José Samamé Saavedra

Quimérica Editorial 


Children’s collection

ISBN : 978-612-48150-4-1

Macckeey Anthony Soto Aguirre quimericabooks@grupoeditorialquimerica.com

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

One way to educate people is through reading. Nothing better for it than stories that lead us to reflect on respect for animals, values and care for the environment. This time, José Samamé Saavedra, making use of a fantastic imagination, presents Los Viajes de Pierre in which he takes us to immerse ourselves in funny and novel stories. With colorful and suggestive illustrations, each story portrays what is happening in our society and our world. In addition, the author uses these stories to demonstrate and protest about our latent reality. Pierre’s travels bring together four stories written with a child’s touch, in order to remove each consciousness and change the way we think about values and the environment.

José Samamé Saavedra is an economist, writer, researcher, lecturer and environmentalist. He is a worldwide honorary member of the Association of Writers and Artists of the Orb (AEADO). He is the academic director of Grupo Educativo Capacítate Perú and Compartir Verde magazine and is the founder of the environmental and cultural projects and organizations Fytoplanet, H2fogp, Ciencia Libre Lambayeque, Cazas Plant and MatePerú. He was director of the magazine Economic Magazine 2003. He has published the books Los viajes de Pierre (2020) and Sobrenatural (2018) and has participated in various anthologies and magazines nationally and internationally. In 2020, his book Los viajes de Pierre was nominated as a finalist in the best book category in the Latin American Nature Awards international competition and won a lot of awards.  

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