El jigre y la tigrafa

Christopher Vásquez



Children’s book

ISBN : 978-612-47409-8-5

Carlos Vela Santos

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

We all have wanted, at some point in our lives, to be someone else, because we all have felt momentarily different, or out of the «normal». El jigre y la tigrafa (The giger and the tiraffe) is a fun riddle that plays with the occurrences of what you would have wished to be when the discomfort of feeling misunderstood afflicts you. In this story, the giger and the tiraffe lament their uniqueness since they would like to be ordinary animals, like the tiger or the giraffe. However, a walk in the forest will help them discover that beauty does not really follow rules or lie in purity, but thrives of mixture and authenticity.

El jigre y la tigrafa (The giger and the tiraffe) celebrates diversity as a value that strengthens us individually and enriches us collectively. A message of absolute relevance in our country, Peru, which still has to strengthen itself to embrace plurality (racial, sexual, of thought and choice) to live in harmony. It is thus a step forward on the path of recognition and inclusion, and against any type of intolerance. And, in that sense, this story was precisely conceived to be read at bedtime for Alai, the author’s little girl, as an attempt to cultivate in her self-love and respect for others.

Christopher Vásquez is a publisher and writer. He is the author of the storybook Prohibida su reproducción (Reproduction prohibited) and the object-book No quiero verte más (I don´t want to see you anymore). In 2012, he founded Lucha Libro (Book Wrestle), a literary improvisation championship whose originality marked the Lima cultural scene and made it the first Peruvian literary franchise.

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