El torito tres paitas y sus amigos

Isabel D. Vilcarano

Quimérica Editorial 


Children’s collection

ISBN : 978-612-48130-4-1

Macckeey Anthony Soto Aguirre quimericabooks@grupoeditorialquimerica.com

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

The importance of educating through reading allows us to know ourselves better and grow as good people. Thus, the messages of these exciting stories convey to us and extol values ​​that are the firm foundation of a cultured society, because this guides us every day on the path of success. In this way, Isabel D. Vilcarano shows prodigious creativity and introduces us to El torito tres paitas y sus amigos, which allows her to express herself and better explore this reality.

The stories that the author presents us are narrated with good language and have been captured with an optics of deep feeling that expresses love and respect for others and animals, in addition, honesty and perseverance in life to face complicated situations that happen and are almost unlikely to believe. For this reason, the author gives us this fine selection of stories located in a beautiful town in the city of clouds in Huancavelica.

“The bull with three legs” and his friends, brings together five stories with a childish touch that make us reflect on the importance of values ​​in our society and whose mission is to be transformative.

Isabel D. Vilcarano graduated in initial education, she studied Neuroscience at the University for Andean Development. From a very young age she was motivated by her grandfather for the habit of reading. She was awarded of the Honorable mention in the short story contest organized by Osinermim (2014). For many years he has been practicing his profession in the rural areas of Huancavelica where she encourages children to read.

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