Le Père Noël va à Gagnoa

Josué Guebo

Éditions Éburnie

Côte d’Ivoire

Children’s book

ISBN : 978-2-84770-375-7

Book written in French
World rights available

Le Père Noël va à Gagnoa tells the fabulous journey of Father Christmas and his young friend Dayou, to Gagnoa in the city of Fromager (from the name of a local tree – kapok tree, which also means in French cheese-maker), in Côte d’Ivoire. Father Christmas is trying to solve a riddle: if the fruit of the orange tree is the orange and the fruit of the papaya tree is the papaya, then what is the fruit of the kapok-tree? By reading the book, the young reader will know how to call the fruit of this tree…

Josué Guebo is an Ivorian man of letters and academic. A contemporary figure of African poetry, he is also a short story writer, playwright, essayist and author of children’s books. He is the 6th president of the Association des écrivains de côte d’ivoire (AECI) and is the recipient of the Grand Prix Bernard Dadié and the Prix Tchicaya U Tam’si for African poetry.

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