Secretos de jardín

Matías Acosta (illustration) & Pilar Muñoz Lascano (text)

Claraboya Ediciones


Illustrated poetry collection

ISBN : 978-956-9825-12-5 

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

A poetic journey through the insects that a garden houses, where each page is thought in relation to the different shades of light over the course of a day. The book begins at dawn and ends at night, with a nice snail that opens and closes the collection of poems. The brief stories of these little bugs that inhabit the plants are also displayed in different poetic forms (calligrams, concrete poetry, haikus, tankas, fibs and others without a specific form); poems in general short and with great musicality, so that the little ones can explore with all their senses.

Readers: 3 to 6 years old.

Matías Acosta was born in Paysandú, Uruguay, in 1980. He studied Film and Animation in Montevideo. His works have had several recognitions, like Juana de Ibarbourou (Banda Oriental, 2014), which is part of the White Ravens 2015 list of the Munich Library. In 2015 he obtained the second place in the Children’s and Youth Literature Illustration Award organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay. He has been selected to be part of the IV Biennial of Illustration in Croatia, in 2017 the VIII Ibero-American Illustration Catalog and in 2019 he was selected to be part of the Nami Island International Illustration Concours catalog of Korea.

Pilar Muñoz Lascano is a professor and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Buenos Aires and she holds a master’s degree in books and literature for children and young people from the University Autonomous of Barcelona.

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