La forêt de Loli

Tinka Batolimba Samah

Graines de Pensées


Children’s book

ISBN : 979-10-361-0030-7 

Book written in French
World rights available 

Loli loves nature and animals. She takes in Pati, a little monkey and his family rescued from a bush fire by her father. Loli, her family and classmates then create a pleasant environment with a vegetable garden, an orchard and a fish pond.

How did Loli’s orchard become a small forest? That is what you will discover in this album rich in anecdotes and teachings.

Tinka Batolimba Samah was born in 1960 in Niamtougou, Togo.

She did her studies at the École normale des Instituteurs in Kara and finally the Difop-INSE in Lomé for training as a pedagogical advisor. Very early won over to the cause of children, she devotes a lot of her time to them, first as a storyteller and then as an author of albums, documentaries for children and short stories.

Tinka Samah, who is one of the curriculum developers for preschool and primary school, is currently a Pre-school and Primary Education Inspector and a UNICEF focal point for children.

An ardent supporter of gender equity, she participates in numerous seminars on the subject.

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