Le Sachet voyageur

Tchotcho Christiane Ékué

Graines de Pensées


Children’s book

ISBN : 979-10-361-0032-1  

Book written in French
World rights available 

A black plastic bag tells us about its daily life made of discoveries and misadventures. It knows it is very useful to different people but they abuse it and make of it a dangerous and polluting object, carrier of diseases.

Le Sachet voyageur‘s humorous story aims to draw young people’s attention to environmental problems, castigates irresponsible and non-citizen like behavior and urgently calls for the protection of the environment for a better life in the city.

Eric Kobla WONANU’s illustrations and photographs by Jacques Do Kokou and Wody YAWO realistically recreate the life of the Traveling Plastic Bag.

Tchotcho Christiane Ékué was born in Lomé, Togo, where she attended primary school and continued her secondary and higher education in France and Germany. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in literature and a master’s degree in German, and passionate about literature, she gave up teaching for a career in publishing at the Nouvelles Éditions Africaines of Togo. She is now a publishing trainer, an author, publisher and the co-founder and Managing Director of Graines de Pensées. Her first novel, Le Crime de la rue des Notables (The “Rues des Notables” Crime), was unanimously acclaimed by critics and the public and received the France-Togo Literary Prize of 1990.

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