La Belle ensorcelée

Koffivi Assem

Graines de Pensées


Traditional tale

ISBN : 2-916101-02-0

Book written in French
World rights available 

Who amongst kings, princes and warriors will manage to destroy the terrible curses and vanquish Nukèyor, the evil witch?

Inspired by Charles Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty, this tale is an instructive and adventurous journey, in the heart of an African realm where witchcraft, spells, tyranny and mysteries stand in the way of courage and love.

Koffivi Assem was born in 1980 in Lomé, Togo. He did his primary and secondary studies there, and obtained a scientific baccalaureate. Rather attracted by literature, he enrolls in French Language and Literature studies at the University of Lomé. At the same time, he leads writing workshops, participates in many literary competitions and in training courses in DTP and computer graphics. Winner in 2004 of the “bourse d’encouragement” (encouragement grant) from the National Book Center of Paris, Koffivi Assem has been noticed for his adaptations of European tales into African realities, in particular for La Belle ensorcelée (The Enchanted Beauty), which won him the 2006 France-Togo Prize. He is also a short story writer.

Assem is the former president of the Togolese Association of Authors and Illustrators of Children’s Books, of which he is a founding member. He is also publisher and the director of Ago Média, a publishing house, and a member of the Togolese branch of the Pan-African Association Illusafrica, of which he was the secretary general.

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