La fille de l'eau

Yves Pinguilly and Sarang Seck (text) & Florence Koenig (illustration)

Éditions Ganndal


Children’s book

ISBN : 978-2-35045-107-7

Book written in French
World rights available 

Djibril leads the peaceful life of a shepherd along the river until the day he sees the water girl walking on the river without fear. He will not rest until he seduces her, and when she finally gives in, it is on condition that he does not hit her more than 3 times without a good reason.

The warning is clear: Djibril, against his will hits his wife 3 times for no good reason. The beautiful daughter of the water will return to the river and Djibril will drown there, but their children will become great healers thanks to the secrets of the plants bequeathed by their mother.

This is a welcome warning at a time when violence against women is on the rise.

Yves Pinguilly and Sarang Seck have been teaming up at Ganndal for many years. The verve of one is nourished by the imagination of the other.

Yves Pinguilly, a writer and traveler, has surveyed Africa in all directions and has dedicated no less than 100 titles to the continent.

Sarang Seck, a former teacher and early childhood specialist, is familiar with children and their ability to imagine the craziest and funniest situations.

Florence Koenig is the irreplaceable illustrator of this trio. Her clean-shaped paper cutouts portray a village, the poetry of the night by the river, the beauty of the daughter of the water, all in a few snips of the scissors.

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