La escama dorada

Deysi Karín Murrieta Vallejos

Gato Viejo


Children’s book

ISBN : 978-612-47878-7-4 

José Manuel Montero Campos

Book written in Spanish
World rights available 

Next to the Marañon River in the Amazonas region, Prince Iguana is sunbathing with his family, enjoying a beautiful sunny day. In the distance there is a deafening noise, so our friend decides to find out what it is, although he is not old enough. When he is on his way he meets many of his friends the animals of the jungle…

Deysi Karín Murrieta Vallejos, was born in the city of Chachapoyas, capital of the Amazonas region. She studied her primary, secondary and higher education in her hometown; however due to her great sensitivity she decided to continue with her vocation of service to the educated and traveled to Lima in 2008 to study Special Education at the Sacred Heart Women’s University “UNIFÉ”. In 2014 she decided to specialize in Learning Disabilities in the postgraduate program at Cayetano Heredia University.

As for her career as a writer, she always stood out in the development of essays in her university days, writing an essay for the scientific journal of the Faculty of Education and also in children’s literature winning first place in the 2012 floral games in her beloved Women’s University, she also stands out in the creation of romantic poems and composes lyrics for children’s songs.

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