Bono Waaylo, l'Homme-hyène

Saliou Bah

Éditions Ganndal


Fantastic tale

ISBN : 978-2-35045-099-5

Book written in French
World rights available 

Why did Boory’s father disinherit him? What is his beautiful fiancée Sira going to do? Why is The Old Lady pursuing him like this? Boory ponders a thousand questions about his future until Agna appears with a radical solution. After being metamorphosed into a hyena, will Boory regain his human form?

In this novel with a fantastic dimension, Saliou Bah draws on reality: what happens to a son when his father disinherits him on what seems to be a whim or a fit of madness? Between flight and suicide, which way to choose so as not to be crushed by shame and dishonor? But Africa lends itself to mysticism and magic.

In this village lost in a forgotten century, genies and magicians combine their powers to help or annihilate whomever they want.

Over the course of the six days that articulate the story, metamorphoses, love, betrayal, and revenge lead us into adventures that keep us in suspense until the end. All of which is served by the author’s poetic style.

Saliou Bah was born in Guinea in 1954. He traveled across the continent before establishing himself as a youth librarian.

His albums (Bobo Is Afraid of the Dog and Daddy’s Journey) reflect the intimate feelings of little kids, and his children’s novels (Lam the Battered Child, Penda the Witch) tell solid stories in a context familiar to African children.

Passionate about literature and esotericism, attentive to traditional village stories, Bah reveals a new aspect of his talent in this novel for teenagers. It is his first fantastic tale.

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