La fabuleuse parcelle de Monsieur Isidore

Johary Ravaloson (text) & Mary-des-ailes (illustration)

Éditions Dodo vole


Children’s book

ISBN : 9791090103481

Sophie Bazin

Book written in French & Malagasy
World rights available

In Madagascar, on the Pangalanes canal, Mr. Isidore cultivates his plot in symbiosis with the forest. Through the portraits of ten plants that can be found on site, we set off to discover this original permaculture experience.

Born in Antananarivo, Johary Ravaloson writes short stories and novels. He is currently working as a broker for Dodo vole editions, in particular with the journal Lettres de Lémurie which he created in 2018 and which publishes literary texts from the Indian Ocean. He translates the treasures of Malagasy literature (tales and novels) into French, and publishes reading notes in and project’Iles revue.

Mary-des-ailes is a plastic artist, a photographer and a children’s books illustrator. 

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