Les promenades de Timothée

Ananda Devi (text) & Mary-des-ailes (illustration)

Éditions Dodo vole


Children’s book

ISBN : 9791090103481

Sophie Bazin 

Book written in French & Mauritian Creole
World rights available

The child grows up and discovers the world. His grandmother marvels at the discoveries to be made together. A poetic text to express the beauty of the world, in simple and tasty words, which lets the music of Mauritian Creole be heard. Illustrated in clear line and in engraving by Mary-des-ailes.

An ethnologist and translator, Ananda Devi, born in Mauritius, has published collections of poems, short stories and novels which have won numerous awards. She is one of the major figures in Indian Ocean literature.

Mary-des-ailes is a plastic artist, a photographer and a children’s books illustrator. 

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