Pablo Choca

Criatura Editora


Picture book

ISBN : 978-9974-8677-9-6

Book written in Spanish
Rights sold to Italy and France

Little Kai seems a bit angry that his twin brother Nui has grown up. Well, actually, not a bit: he’s so angry that he goes for a walk in the ocean. On his journey, he gets chatting to some of the wiser sea creatures. Thus, almost unwittingly, he finds his way back home. When he arrives, Nui and his parents are there waiting for him, but Kai is no longer the same as he was at the beginning of Grande.

Grande, the first book by Pablo Choca, was awarded by the Uruguayan Chamber of Books with a Bartolomé Hidalgo as Best Book Album of the Year 2018. It was published in Italy by Saremo Alberi and will be soon released in France by Editions en Apnée.

Pablo Choca was born in Rosario, Colonia, in 1981. He currently lives in the city of Montevideo. He is trained in digital art and is fond of analogue art. His projects explore techniques such as illustration, painting, collage and linography. He works in advertising as Creative and Art Director. He also teaches creative plastic expression workshops for children and adults. Grande is his first book. 

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