El amore tiene cuatro patas

Alfonso Bocanegra

Gato Viejo


Children’s book

ISBN : 978-612-4433-25-2

José Manuel Montero Campos

Book written in Spanish
World rights available 

Under the premise of “I was never in love, but I was always in love”, Jesus, the protagonist of the story, begins a retrospective journey with his four-legged friend Morgan, who accompanies him in a series of mysterious dreams, activated by curiosity to rediscover his love past, in which, through innocent childhood situations and humorous anecdotes from adolescence, he begins to be lectured.

Alfonso Bocanegra graduated in Pedagogy and is an educator by profession. He began his literary activity in various groups of young writers in the area of ​​Lima, sharing his manuscripts in different recitals, meeting various poets who still today share their art in various literary fairs. His first book was published and presented at the LIMA 2015 INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR, having quite a welcome among its readers, finishing its first print run in less than three months of having published the book.

In 2020 and after having spent a long time working on the book for its publication, he published: “El amor has four legs”, his most recent work under the Gato Viejo publishing label, establishing himself in his narrative writing, for children and young people, this book has had great repercussions within the literary field and has been sold in various libraries in Lima and provinces.

He is currently working on his new novel for children.

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