La Pequeña Niña

Luigi Valdizán (text) & Beatriz Chung (illustration)

Polifonía Editora


Children’s book

ISBN : 9786124673757

Book written in Spanish
World rights available
A musical theater play is in process

An album book that talks about the importance of the game and accepting us as we are. Without shoes, somewhat disheveled and always accompanied by a mouse, the protagonist invites us to play with her, to bend and straighten, to put on our heads and even to balance on an abyss. The little girl explores the world through free play, without submitting to stereotypes or pre-established norms.

The ability to move freely makes comprehension and domain of the physical world easier for children, allowing them to appropriate the reality around them. This stage is essential so that they can feel safe and fully develop. La Pequeña Niña invites kids (and why not adults) to play while they read and overcome their fears through text.

Luigi Valdizán is an audiovisual communicator, musician and clown. He is also a composer, performer and actor in plays for children and adults presented in a lot of theaters.  He is the founder, composer and musician of the Circo Band Collective Association. He has coordinated and participated in the implementation of social projects and also as a facilitator of workshops with various organizations that use art as a vehicle for development. He is currently a music teacher at a kindergarden La casa amarilla. 

Beatriz Chung is a plastic artist, illustrator and teacher. She graduated from the Faculty of Art of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in the specialty of Sculpture, with teaching experience in higher basic education and non-schooling. She has worked with numerous directors. In the field of illustration, her last album book, edited by Polifonía Editora, was selected on the Ibby Honour List 2018.

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