Monisa Maciel (text) & Mathias Townsend (illustration)



Children’s book

ISBN : 978-85-9554-101-6

Book written in Portuguese
World rights available

The animals are very lively and festive in the savannah. And the most mischievous are the giraffe’s cubs. One day, she discovers that her neighbors have been talking to her cubs on the telephone, which fills her with worry. What have they been saying to the neighborhood? 

The authors Monisa Maciel and Mateus Townsend entertain the reader in the discovery of the mystery, with details between words and pictures, that urge the children to be very attentive. The adults, I bet, will also keep a “lesson” all to themselves. 

Monisa Maciel was a child who enjoyed a lot the beautiful moment called childhood. She played and played and played and traveled to fantastic places through books, always encouraged by her parents to discover the world of reading. 

As a child, she thought she was as big as a giraffe. Then she grew up to become an educator and a storyteller and, in the midst of so many stories, Alô? was born. The inspiration for the book came from her experience with her children. She hopes you have fun with this playful animal duo. Happy reading!

Like almost all children, and since he was very young, Mathias Townsend liked to draw. He liked it so much that he decided to keep drawing until he became an adult. He graduated in Industrial Design and today he works on children’s books, which he really enjoys. 

His illustrations for this book were made with a mixture of techniques. He used photos of paper textures and elements from nature, pencil and also a computer. 

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