Por que não consigo gostar dele/dela?

Anna Claudia Ramos & Antônio Schimeneck

Oficina Raquel


Youth novel

ISBN : 978-65-86280-45-6

Raquel Menezes

Book written in Portuguese
World rights available 

Adolescence is a time of many doubts, anxieties and uncertainties. In this phase, sexuality is unfolding, and we are going through — because everyone has gone, is going or will go through — self-questions about all conditions, all desires, including regarding sexuality. If on the one hand, we see in beautiful social networks beautiful movements of self-acceptance and discovery, on the other hand we live in a time of great obscurantism and attempt to cage the desires and contain the experiences of young people – whether at home or at school, and unfortunately, many times, with public authority initiative. This book asks this of young people, who often find themselves trapped by a cultural need (or family pressure) to create heteronormative bonds, when, in fact, they feel the desire for people of the same sex. But this book also understands that it is necessary to take this issue to the world, so that everyone reflects on otherness, sexuality and, mainly, the many possibilities of affection and desire.

Por que não consigo gostar dele/dela? is a book with two sides, two covers, four stories and many testimonials.

Anna Claudia Ramos is a writer and a professor of literary workshops. She travels the world giving lectures and workshops on her reading experience, with community and school libraries, and as a writer and specialist in Children’s and Youth Literature. Her company, Atelier Vila das Artes, was the creator and responsible for producing content for the Flipinha Manual from 2009 to 2016. She participates in several literary projects and encourages reading. 

Antônio Schimeneck was born in a city in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul called Tupanciretã, a land with an indigenous name, where Gaucho customs are very ingrained, his father’s favorite leisure clothing is called pilcha, the traditional clothing of campeiros. He was the most “unusual” among his six siblings. At school, he was noticeably quiet and shy. He preferred the library. And it was by diving into reading that he began to discover his place in the world and to question some established truths. Then, he moved to the state capital, Porto Alegre, where he currently lives. He graduated in Literature, specialized in Brazilian Literature, venturing into the irresistible universe of stories for children and young people.

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