Las aventuras de Kitty y Ale

Christian Sayas Vidal

Mesa Redonda Editorial


Children’s book

ISBN : 978-612-48423-1-3

Book written in Spanish
World rights available 

Las aventuras de Kitty y Ale by Christian Sayas Vidal is the first installment of the adventures of two indelible characters, built with an interest in taking their readers through the world of imagination. Here the weapons are friendship, trust and the desire to learn, against appearances, selfishness and boredom. This story presents several worlds that are related through the mirror of life, where girls will face strange characters full of symbols: envy, abuse, kindness and amazement. Here the quality of the story stands out, full of feelings and ease to transport us to a magical world of fiction. Enjoy the adventures of Kitty and Ale in the kingdom of sad happiness, an extraordinary and magical fiction that will catch you from beginning to end.

Christian Sayas Vidal was born in Bellavista in 1970. He is a musician, composer and bassist for 2 Rock bands, with whom he has recorded 3 albums. He is currently close to launching the second installment of his trilogy The Adventures of Kitty and Ale II, and is finishing writing The Adventures of Kitty and Ale III.

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