La Muñeca Negra

Mary Grueso Romero

Apidama Ediciones


Children’s book

ISBN 978-958-8416-18-2

Guiomar Cuesta Escobar 

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

In this story, Mary Grueso Romero tells us about a girl’s struggle to have a real doll, with charcoal skin. She asks her mother for one, who tells her there are no black dolls nor does she have the money to buy one for her. And her father argues that black dolls are not sent by God. So that she should find a piece of cloth and make her own doll. After a while, the mother, very concerned, makes her a dark-skinned rag doll and her happy daughter hugs and kisses her as a sign of gratitude.

Mary Grueso Romero was born in Guapi, Cauca and lives in Buenaventura. As an experienced poet, writer and oral narrator, she is considered today as one of the foremost Colombian poets and writers. She holds a degree in Teaching Literature from the University of Quindío (Armenia, 1999) and a degree in Play and Recreation for Social and Cultural Development from the Los Libertadores University of Bogotá (2003). She also did a Postgraduate degree in Literature Teaching, at the University of Quindío, Armenia (2000).

Mary Grueso Romero obtained a Diploma on Management of Cultural Projects, from the Interinstitutional Agreement between the School of Fine Arts and the Universidad del Pacífico in 2001, and the Diploma UNESCO Chair, Didactics of the Comprehension and Production of Written Texts, at the Universidad del Valle in 2004.

Since 1995 she has attended the Meeting of Colombian Women Poets at the Rayo Museum (Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca). She was designated in 2008 by the Director of this Encounter as Almanegra, the equivalent of Almadre, the highest recognition given to Colombian Women Poets who have achieved excellence in their poetic work. Since 2011, she has published five stories with Apidama Ediciones, in the Collection of Illustrated Stories of Afro-Colombian Children.

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