El Sol Ensortijado

Leidy Ramos Escorcia 

Apidama Ediciones


Children’s book

Guiomar Cuesta Escobar 

Book written in Spanish
Rights sold for Portugal

The protagonist of our story is the little Mariana, an Afro descent girl, who is distressed by the way her indomitable hair curls on her head, so much so that she cannot comb it, there is no comb, bow or cream on the face of the earth, that can untangle it. Mariana, with the help of her mother, will understand that her beauty lies in her rebellious nature, and that, like her hair, she does not need to be imprisoned, but on the contrary, she needs liberty, so that like the sun that shines high in the sky, her hair will show its majesty. And being fluffy and unruly it can become the most beautiful in the world, as long as her owner, manages it to see and love its beauty. 

Leidy Ramos Escorcia was born in Cartagena de Indias. She has loved literature since she was a child and while in high school, she delved further into the possibilities the universe offers her. And this is how she begins to create her own storiesThus, in 2011, she began to study Linguistics and Literature at the University of Cartagena. In 2017, she began her work as a Spanish Language Teacher, a profession that she takes advantage of in order to teach children and young people the love of books, in the same way that her mother did with her during her childhood.  

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