Cuarenta cuentos de cuarentena

Daniel Sacroisky (text) & Rómulo Franco Ruiz-Bravo (illustration)



Children’s collection

ISBN : 978-612-4416-19-4

Carlos Vela Santos

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

This book gathers forty tales and forty characters that tell their experiences during the quarantine… But also, much more than that. The pandemic and the confinement in Peru are a pretext to address issues that challenge us as a society: bullying, our environmental awareness, discrimination, gender equality, racism, mental health, among many others. Complex issues for children, but also adults, who will find within these pages a window to observe and understand them better. A window that mirrors us and the society we build together.

Through the stories of fantastic protagonists such as Batboy, Lichi Jardinera, Enrico Rey, Mara Morena, Dad Queen, Jacinto el Toro Informado, Cleta la Bici Quieta, and others, Rómulo Franco Ruiz-Bravo and Daniel Sacroisky remind us that there is a world out there —and another inside each one of us— that should be taken better care of if we want to make a change. A real change for us, our parents, friends and children; a change towards a friendlier and finally sustainable coexistence. A change that makes reality live up to our dreams.

Daniel Sacroisky is a publicist by profession, but he has a B, C and D facets: He has published two graphic humor books (Reírse es Kosher [Laughing is Kosher] and No tan Kosher [Not so Kosher]), is the author of the graphic literary project @postsdedicados, imparts creative writing workshops, and is also a musician. During the quarantine, Sacro played the guitar on the balcony for the neighbours, he did gymnastics and cooked modeling clay pizzas with his son. And, of course, he put together this collection of tales, dedicated precisely to his eldest son, Tiago Sacroisky Boza, who has inspired several stories of the book. He also warns Tiago not to dare ask him for royalties.

Rómulo Franco Ruiz-Bravo is an audiovisual communicator at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. In 2016 he began his path as a plastic artist, and in 2018 he created @fauvsto, a pseudonym with which he presented his first solo exhibition, entitled Criaturas (Creatures). During the quarantine, Rómulo sowed beans, passed all the Mario Bros. levels, named various trees, dusted off and old notebook and it occurred to him that, behind his toddlers, there were stories to tell. This book is dedicated to his son, Ramiro Franco Argüelles, because of the vivid colors he discovered through him; and to Gonzalo Portocarrero, for the letters that wrote the way to this book.

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