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International Alliance of Independent Publishers

Children’s Books Hotlist

The International Alliance of Independent Publishers’s HotLists are online catalogues which celebrate the vitality and creativity of independent publishing all over the world.

Four HotLists were already dedicated to Latin American independent publishers, among which one called WomenList, and the Arab World HotList in 1001 languages was focusing on multilingualism in the Arab world.

The Children’s Book HotList is the first to highlight children’s books from independent publishers in Africa, Latin America and Europe. It was launched during the 2021 Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Comprising books from 16 countries, 36 publishing houses and 14 categories, this HotList represents the richness and diversity of independent publishing for youth and children’s literature.

You can find a book by searching its country, publisher or literary genre. If you are interested in a book, please do get in touch with its publisher. 

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