Trufi y la pelota loca

Juan Broussain (text) & Rolando Zamorano (illustration)

Septiembre Ediciones


Children’s book

ISBN: 978-956-9118-11-1

Juan Broussain 

Book written in Spanish
World rights available

Trufi is a small dinosaur who lives with his family consisting of his mother and father, and occasionaly of his grandparents, cousins and uncles. The aim of these children’s stories meant for children between 3 and 5 years old is to narrate, from the child’s perspective, frequent anecdotes of everyday life, with familiar and recognizable situations.

A fundamental aspect is that the protagonist’s actions generate some type of conflict or disorder with his environment, typical of the difficulties one encounters while growing up, managing the impulses of motor activity and learning the possibilities of her/his environment. 

These difficulties present options to overcome conflicts and frustrations, generating alternatives and possibilities that are providing by adults and Trufi himself. This slogan is the imprint that drives these stories: the alternatives to handle life’s difficulties. These plots allow us to strengthen our character as a dynamic that handles creativity because many times after a problem a positive situation arises.

In all these socialization activities we will present a variety of activities focusing on the child’s situation, increasing his vocabulary with the different actions that he performs. That is why each frame of these stories has a main verb that stands out as a relevant action and contributes to the dynamics of the story.

Juan Broussain is an editor with many years making books and writing including for TV. Rolando Zamorano is a Chilean designer with high experience as an illustrator. 

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