Los Animales por Dentro

Nadia Batalla

La marca editora




Already published in french, english and italian.

There is a mystery that remains out of everyone’s reach: what is the inner life of other living beings like while they run, jump or feed? In the publishing brand we find a scientific album, an animal facility that comes to unveil this enigma, with a catalog of visual anatomy that will amaze young and old, to learn and hallucinate from home. 

In Animals Inside, we will learn how the flamingo moves those long legs, what is the motor that pushes the whale’s fins or what allows the splendid jumps of kangaroos. Each gear that makes possible the swimming of a penguin or the mimicry of a chameleon is strategically placed to compose amazing beings. 

The delicacy of Nadia Batalla’s illustrations are combined with her ingenuity in choosing how each element works. Children are no longer just friends of animals: they live inside them and work in coordination to meet vital situations. The possibility of discovering the different objects means that fantasy never stops. 

DID YOU KNOW THAT a blue whale’s tongue weighs more than an elephant? 

DID YOU KNOW THAT the male emperor penguin is the one that hatches the eggs? 

DID YOU KNOW THAT the kangaroo cannot walk backwards?

Nadia Batalla is an Argentine illustrator and animator. His work technique is digital drawing, pencil and ink. He specializes in pointillism and realism. He illustrated in Dog that barks does not bite (2019, Planet). His training includes workshops with renowned illustrators, such as Istvan Schritter, Silvia Mato, Juan de Souza, Daniel Roldán and Mercedes Berastegui.

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